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Bio Buildings

With no doubts we are entering in a phase of unprecedented innovation. Green-growth opportunities are leading the way, and new models for resource efficiency are emerging at a rapid pace. Bio or Green Building systems match sustainability and environment-related policies, with huge a sustainable potential. The Green Building system is defined by the Environmental Protection […]

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Wind energy

Wind Energy

Wind energy is one of the main sources we have to produce a large amount of energy with a minimum impact on the environment. That’s why generating electrical power from natural wind has been a desirable system both for nations and companies all over the world for decades ago. Public and private investments have led

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Urban forestation

Urban Forestation

When talking about cities and urban areas, it’s commonly normal to think about skyscrapers, houses, concrete and pollution, but what about if the city mixes with natural elements?  This is the goal of the so-called Urban forestation, which aims to redefine the concept of urban areas, as it’s defined as the cultivation and management of

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