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Sustainable Waste Solutions for Diverse Spaces
Garbage collectors fail you? Upgrade your waste management practices with Seeders. We turn your multi-purpose building into a low-maintenance, odourless, germ-free environment. Guaranteed waste management is a click away. Come to us for waste audit, treatment, and optimization. We do the work so you can take a break.

Services Included

Waste Audit: Our waste audit service involves detailed surveys to classify waste, including recyclable, biodegradable, and other waste types. This process provides a comprehensive understanding of waste generation and disposal, enabling us to tailor effective waste management solutions for your establishment.

On-site Waste Treatment

Our solutions for organic waste, food waste, cooking waste, oil waste,  give the possibility of obtaining high-value-added products as for a new guaranted revenue stream.

AI Smart Bins

Our innovative recycling bins, powered by AI, take the hassle out of waste sorting and handling. Reducing the effort required significantly increases recycling efficiency, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your core business.

Organic Fertilisers

We create biological fluids as organic fertilisers from organic and agricultural waste management to encourage environmental conservation in landscaping solutions.

Recycling Optimization

We improve procedures for collecting and disposing of wastes, such as plastics, media, and repackaged wastes, to a high-quality standard.

Customised Solutions for Diverse Spaces

Maximise the hidden profits in your commercial and residential developments, including restaurants, offices, malls, medical facilities, households, and outdoor areas, so every place can have its specific waste management plan.

More About Mixed Use Development

We are committed to designing effective, long-lasting multi-utility development waste management solutions. By incorporating advanced technologies and solutions, we help you create a greener and more profitable environment, reducing the environmental impact of waste collection and disposal.
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Other Services

Commercial Developments And Offices

Guaranteed solutions to transform your building, hotel,
mall, facility or office to a waste less green, smart healthy net positive building? Reach out to know more about the Zero waste and Healthy buildings solutions
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Mineral Oil Waste To Base Oil

Trying to make money out of your waste? Don’t sell it. Convert it. Why invest in
storage tanks, get ripped off from collectors, and have your used machine oil ending up in wrong places, when you can convert it in 24 hours with a guaranteed buyer. Contact us to know More
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Onsite Waste Sorting

Trying hard to increase waste sorting and recycling with no real change in recycling rates.
Check out our technology driven bins to take the risk off your shoulder
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