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Turn Waste Into A True Asset, Fostering Environmental Responsibility And Business Improvement.
Are you looking for a long-term, cost-efficient way of dealing with mineral oil waste? Seeders is ahead of other companies with a core service that converts waste oil into base oil comprehensively and profitably, meeting environmental compliance standards. Our creative discharge contrive responds directly to how to solve the problem of waste oil utilization and turn it into a weapon of growth for your company. By converting waste oils into high-quality base oil, Seeders helps you with the following:

Efficient Conversion

At Seeders, we restore mineral oil waste into off-spec base oil in just 24 hours, with minimal harm to the surrounding environment. Our process is highly efficient, with little operational downtime, ensuring practical and effective waste management.

Guaranteed Market

We secure a reliable buyer for the base oil produced, providing financial stability and confidence in waste management strategies.

Quality Assurance

We improve the final product’s quality and reliability by employing stringent measures to produce the base oil.

Customised Solutions

Our customised conversion services meet the character and demand of various wastes and facilities for permanent outcomes of the clients.

Environmental Stewardship

Seeders directly contribute to environmental conservation in waste management and disposal by avoiding traditional disposal methods and promoting recycling

Operational Efficiency

Our use of high-end technology and appropriate skills in handling wastes reduce the handling cost of wastes and the extraction of other raw materials.

More About Mineral Oil Waste To Base Oil

Seeders‘ mission is to help organizations successfully manage their waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Contact Seeders to transform waste management issues into value-addition and innovation to benefit the environment and business.
UPGRADE Your Waste Management Practices.

Other Services

Commercial Developments And Offices

Guaranteed solutions to transform your building, hotel,
mall, facility or office to a waste less green, smart healthy net positive building? Reach out to know more about the Zero waste and Healthy buildings solutions
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Mixed Use Development

Get rid of the greedy waste collector and keep your development in a sustainable
hassle- free odour free shape. Opt in for our guaranteed waste audit, treatment and optimisation solution and let us do the work for you relaxed
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UCO To Biodiesel

Used Cooking Oil.. yes we make energy out of it on-site and so can you. Why sell your used
cooking oil UCO (or vegetable oils) and let collectors make more money from you when you can convert it on-site using a simple kitchen- appliance sized solution and put those extra thousands in your pocket. Time to make more money
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