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Guaranteed Results. Proven Savings. Join The World’s Leading Entities & Make More Money With A Waste Audit
Are you ready to turn waste into a resource? Claim your free waste audit & embark on a guaranteed journey of waste management with Seeders. Our waste audit service is not just about identifying and managing your waste. It’s about unlocking potential revenue streams and improving your bottom line. By assessing, treating, and converting waste within 24 hours, we can help you increase your working capacity and bring in additional income.

Our Waste Audit Services Include

Detailed Waste Assessment

We ensure we can scrutinise the waste streams and identify those that could be recycled or reused.

Custom Waste Treatment Plans

Individual waste management plans for dealing with waste are created depending on the assessment.

Waste Conversion Solutions

We understand solutions that treat waste as valuable resources, thus lowering disposal costs and improving sustainability.

Compliance and Reporting:

We ensure that your waste management practices adhere to local and federal laws and maintain precise records for audits, demonstrating our commitment to legal and ethical waste management.

Cost Savings Analysis

We provide a detailed analysis of measures for reducing the cost of waste disposal through improved waste management practices.

More About Waste Audit

At Seeders, our mission is clear: To accelerate the improvement of business models for better, healthier, and more prosperous economies. We achieve this by collaborating with competitively selected global suppliers to offer state-of-the-art solutions that address fundamental issues. This approach allows us to create innovative, disruptive, beautiful, and sustainable models that challenge the conventional norm.
Don’t wait; Contact us now. It’s time for a new PROVEN approach to easily manage your waste. Love your 9-to-5

Other Services

Commercial Developments And Offices

Guaranteed solutions to transform your building, hotel,
mall, facility or office to a waste less green, smart healthy net positive building? Reach out to know more about the Zero waste and Healthy buildings solutions
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Mixed Use Development

Get rid of the greedy waste collector and keep your development in a sustainable
hassle- free odour free shape. Opt in for our guaranteed waste audit, treatment and optimisation solution and let us do the work for you relaxed
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Onsite Waste Sorting

Trying hard to increase waste sorting and recycling with no real change in recycling rates.
Check out our technology driven bins to take the risk off your shoulder
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