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Are you selling your plastic waste for a few cents and undervaluing it? Seeders provides unique technology to recycle plastic waste into synthetic crude oil at the exact location and earn a steady income from buyback agreements. Our technology is efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, making it a superior choice for plastic waste recycling.

Our Process

Material Introduction

The plastic waste is fed to the pyrolysis reactor through a stuffing screw, ensuring airtight and demand-driven processing.

Pyrolysis Reactor

Plastic waste is depolymerised within the reactor by heating to 300oC to 600oC. This occurs by cracking long hydrocarbon chains into liquid and gaseous products.

Residue Separation

The spheres residues are separated from the pyrolysis gas, and the gases are collected and discharged after a continuous tamping screw.

Stepped Condensation

The pyrolysis vapours undergo condensation processes at various temperature zones to remove easily condensable products like wax.

Utilization of Pyrolysis Gas

The processed gas is then treated using an online integrated gas washer to generate the plant’s electricity needs.

Pyrolysis Oil

The extracted oil, a much sought-after product, can be sold to the petrochemical industry as a raw material for plastics production or burned in specialised generators to produce energy.

Benefits of Plastic to Crude Oil Conversion

  • Revenue Generation: Our innovative approach not only solves the problem of plastic waste but also generates revenue, making it a financially sound investment.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Our process significantly reduces waste through recycling, preventing it from reaching the streets, water bodies, and atmosphere.
  • Energy Efficiency: Use the pyrolysis process to produce electricity; this ensures that the plant does not rely heavily on the external power supply.
  • Resource Conservation: We convert plastic waste into synthetic crude oil, thus reducing natural resources and the demand for virgin plastics.
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