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New Concept for Recycling – Artificial Intelligence
Are you struggling to improve waste sorting and recycling rates without seeing real results? Seeders has the solution. Our high-tech bins help alleviate the load off your shoulders. Our AI bins streamline waste management and help you save on expenses, time, labour, and other resources. They ensure precise waste sorting through automatic identification and separation, increasing recycling rates and cost savings for your facility.

Advanced AI Technology

We apply cutting-edge AI to waste sorting and separation, ensuring the most efficient and effective solutions for your facility.

Customised Waste Management Solutions

We understand each facility is unique, so we offer tailored waste management solutions to meet your needs and challenges.

Environmental Impact Reduction

By reducing the number and frequency of collection vehicles, we effectively minimise emissions and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Less Collection Frequency

Tend to cleaner surroundings with lower collection frequencies; decrease emissions from cars, noise, and airborne particles.

Recycling Optimization

Recycling is an effective way to dispose of waste. Our proper sorting improves recycling efficiency.

More About Onsite Waste Sorting

We have dedicated ourselves to developing innovative waste-sorting instruments powered by technology. Our AI-enabled waste bins boost recycling, making our community less noisy and cluttered. We organise our modern technologies to ensure we dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way, hence creating a sustainable world.
Get Rid Of Your Smelly Stored Waste Now!

Other Services

Commercial Developments And Offices

Guaranteed solutions to transform your building, hotel,
mall, facility or office to a waste less green, smart healthy net positive building? Reach out to know more about the Zero waste and Healthy buildings solutions
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Mixed Use Development

Get rid of the greedy waste collector and keep your development in a sustainable
hassle- free odour free shape. Opt in for our guaranteed waste audit, treatment and optimisation solution and let us do the work for you relaxed
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Plastic To Crude Oil

Selling your plastic for pennies.? Convert your plastic on-site, generate more income with a
guaranteed output buyer using an off take agreement
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