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Disposal and Utilization of Organic And Agricultural Waste by Transforming Waste into Value
Do you require an effective means of turning different forms of organic waste, such as harvested foods, animal feeds, horticultural plants, lawn clippings, and papers, into valuable organic manure? Seeders provides simple, hardware-based solutions to enable the proper disposal of organic waste and add an extra revenue stream.

Services Included

Comprehensive Waste Assessment

We assess various organic waste samples to determine their locations and amounts. This assessment helps us to achieve the best composting processes based on the peculiarities of the types of waste.

Customised Composting Solutions

We adapt specific waste management strategies for composting for different industries, namely, agricultural, horticulture, and food production, preparation, and processing. Each suggested solution includes proper workflow and management strategies to enhance compost quality and productivity.

Organic Compost Production

We use sophisticated methods to turn organic waste into rich compost for farmers. Our business structure follows best practices for managing our processes to provide quality compost for our clients.

Revenue Generation Opportunities

We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to sell composted materials to targeted consumers. By identifying the right market and opportunities for selling or utilizing organic compost, we can transform the waste management issue into a significant source of income.

Environmental Impact Reduction

Our commitment to reducing environmental impact is unwavering. By decreasing methane production from the organic waste recycling process, we actively relieve the burden on already-congested landfill sites.

More About Organic and Agricultural Waste Management

Our waste conversion and management expertise is unparalleled, ensuring guaranteed performance for clients in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, food processing industries, hotels, and restaurants. By partnering with Seeders, you can be confident that your waste management will be effective, positively impacting both the environment and your company’s financial condition.
Grow Your Landscape From That Leftover Food. 

Other Services

Commercial Developments And Offices

Guaranteed solutions to transform your building, hotel,
mall, facility or office to a waste less green, smart healthy net positive building? Reach out to know more about the Zero waste and Healthy buildings solutions
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Mixed Use Development

Get rid of the greedy waste collector and keep your development in a sustainable
hassle- free odour free shape. Opt in for our guaranteed waste audit, treatment and optimisation solution and let us do the work for you relaxed
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Onsite Waste Sorting

Trying hard to increase waste sorting and recycling with no real change in recycling rates.
Check out our technology driven bins to take the risk off your shoulder
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