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Orange Egypt Case Study

The Orange Egypt Case Study

Seeders Capital understands the need of the hour by aiming to offer sustainable solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural organisations, going in parallel with the sustainable goals of the United Nations. Seeders Capital focuses on innovative solutions that tackle pressing problems at their roots, encouraging business model transformation for more sustainable and wealthier economies.

3 Pillars for Sustainable Development in Egypt

3 Pillars For Sustainable Development In Egypt

The objectives of sustainable development in Egypt have more distinct indicators that concentrate on quantifiable results, and they will be action-oriented, universal, and applicable to everyone. They also take into account the various facts, national development levels, and capacities while respecting national policies and priorities.

Clean Air Zone – Practical Tool For The Sustainable Change

Clean Air Zone – Practical Tool For The Sustainable Change

Air pollution risks at work Cities are major contributors to climate change. According to UN Habitat, they consume 78 per cent of the world’s energy and produce more than 60 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, they account for less than 2 per cent of the Earth’s surface. This issue is considerably one of the most …

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Why Clean Air is Good For Business

An array of environmental technologies are helping in the fight against air pollution. Thanks to the Paris Agreement, governments are now committed to widespread transport electrification and other decarbonization goals. However, until recently, the business world has opted to invest elsewhere, spending vast sums of money on tutoring, computer equipment, software, and revamped office layouts …

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