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Author name: Lorenzo Baronti

The key strategy of individual choices

The key strategy of individual choices

Pollution, rising temperatures, loss of biodiversity, ever-deteriorating air quality, all circumstances that we would like to avoid.
Citizens’ voice is making louder and louder to try and change things up, to ask for more attention at environmental policies.

Rising Demand and the Move to Decentralised Energy

In this new article at Seeders Media, we introduce and explain the crucial concept of decentralized energy, a key strategy for the ecological transition of businesses and public authorities. What is decentralized energy? A decentralized energy system is characterized by locating of energy production facilities closer to the site of energy consumption. A decentralized energy system …

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Healthy Buildings

During these last years, more than ever, we have been forced to spend most of our time in confined spaces such as home, office and school. In a 2013 survey, the World Health Organization evaluated what was the perception that people had about the time spent indoors, compared to that spent outdoors. The result was …

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Seeders Capital Presents the Latest Clean Air Solutions at Comunitat Valenciana’s Digital District

13/01/2022 – ALICANTE. Seeders Capital is presenting its clean air solutions at Comunitat Valenciana’s Digital District, as technological innovation in tourism and climate change falls under the spotlight. Participants including Accenture, Atos, INDRA, the regional governments of Murcia and Generalitat Valenciana, BP, Vectalia, Agbar, Primafrio, and Grupo Majal, are all presenting their requirements to top …

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Zero Waste Zones

The nowadays development system has brought Europe to produce 64.4 million tons of every year, which in total have a value of 355 billion euros and of which only a third is recycled. This entails very high disposal costs, just think that at the European level the only cost for cleaning the beaches is 630 …

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green buildings

Green and Healthy buildings

Architecture is facing a huge changing period, that’s mainly because there’s a strong need of switching to sustainable practices and reducing the environmental footprint. The starting point must be cities and workplaces, where most of the citizens spend its time and where greener and healthier structures are needed. Healthy building strategies are therefore key to …

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waste management

Benefits of decentralized waste management

The topic of decentralized waste management is really a key point for Seeders Capital, especially for our Zero Waste Zones. Decentralized wastewater treatment consists of a variety of approaches for collection, treatment, and dispersal/reuse of wastewater. Decentralized waste management can be a smart alternative for communities, with various and different benefits: Avoiding large capital costs …

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