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The Seeders Way

Since we began in 2019, the company has always had solid ethics and unique identity. As the business has developed its presence internationally, diversified, and developed through calculated steps, we have managed to maintain our distinctive style and culture

At Seeders, we create long-term value by effectively using our resources, expertise, and relationships. We manage these in line with local market needs, global industry directions, and our core values, which influence how we behave and are integral to everything that we do.
We call this “Seeders Way.”

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Who We Are

If you are looking for a career move into the exciting and fast-moving industry of sustainability, this is chance to join one of the most innovative change-makers players in the field and become a part of the Seeders success story

Seeders is a diverse sustainability solutions provider working with 20+ entities from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. Securing future generations’ existence and environmental stability is a global issue, but at Seeders, we believe we can accelerate country-wide change and impact people’s lives.

What is it like to work at Seeders?

We are building this right from the ground up and are committed to bringing together a diversified team by employing the right people to deliver our solutions to the market. We base our hiring strategy on skills, qualifications, and relevant experience.

We aim to attract and retain high-quality, dedicated, enthusiastic, customer-focused, and potential market leaders.

Seeders Workspace

Job Opportunities

Waste to Energy Consultant

Location: UK or Spain

Marketing Specialist

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Sales Director

Location: Cairo, Egypt

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