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Enhance the air quality of tomorrow

Enhance the air quality of tomorrow

Advanced sensor technology is helping us see for the first time the invisible toxins and particles in the air that are shortening our lives and destroying the natural environment. At Seeders Capital, we have partnered with AirScape’s air pollution mapping technology to provide you with the real-time data you need to monitor pollution and implement solutions that ensure better protect public health.

The dangers of air pollution

Air pollution is a crisis that kills seven million people worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organisation. Even the world’s most advanced urban centres are struggling to keep air pollution at the ‘safe’ levels laid out by regulators. In fact, the level of airborne toxins in most modern cities far exceeds legal limits, making air pollution one of the world’s most pressing environmental public health issues.

Issues include:

  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Short-term illnesses and discomfort
  • Birth defects
  • Respiratory problems
  • Negative environmental impact

See the invisible killer

At Seeders Capital, we use AirScape’s innovative air quality intelligence to monitor air pollution in real-time, providingyou with data-driven insights you can act upon. Using hyper-local networks of award-winning AirNode sensors, our air pollution mapping empowers tracks, monitors and assesses pollution levels across whole communities at different times of day, providing in-depth insights that empower you to make proactive changes.

The benefits of air pollution mapping

Insight-driven decisions

By interpreting this highly accurate data, we provide the insights you need to make changes. Placement of AirNode sensors in the selected area ensures an overview of pollution levels so you can make impactful decisions and drive real environmental change.

Accurate data, on-demand

Gather actionable data in real-time. You now have the chance to access information about your location’s air quality day and night. Use it to feed learning algorithms and you can both analyse and predict air quality, developing effective strategies for air quality management.

Meet air quality standards

With great connectivity and limited downtime, AirScape technology works around the clock to provide you with the air pollution information you need. We help you interpret that data ensuring you can track pollution levels and check them against air quality standards.

How it works

At Seeders Capital, we work with you to plan and execute a monitoring strategy that will deliver the information you need in clear, actionable formats. We use AirScape’s innovative sensors, mapping out a network of AirNodes in the right areas to deliver yohigh-quality data in your chosen area. We then work with you to interpret that data, track trends and reveal insights, so that you can make decisions and put long-term strategies in place to benefit your community.

Knowledge that empowers change

Apart from the number of health benefits offered by monitoring and improving air quality, there are a number of other reasons to work with Seeders Capital and include this innovative air pollution solution in your organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Businesses and organisations around the world all have social responsibilities for both their employees and communities. One of the main categories is environmental, which may involve ensuring your workplace isn’t adding to air pollution in your location. By monitoring air quality, you can see if you are implementing any damage, and ensure that you have the best possible measures in place.

Compliance with public health legislation

Depending on the area you’re working in, both local and national, there are specific legislations in place that require organisations to work at a level that looks out for the residents and workers of your location. You may have to follow regulations about how much you can contribute to air pollution, and the best way to ensure that you are aware of the air quality around you is monitoring it daily.

Monitoring air pollution to make a difference

In order to achieve high levels of corporate social responsibility and ensure you’re following the public health legislation of your area, you can opt for localised monitoring of the air quality around you. Our system allows you to gain a closer look into the various invisible pollutants in your area that are detrimental to health and wellbeing. You can then discover tailored solutions to implement that allow you to minimise pollution and create awareness of any problem areas.

Who we help

At Seeders Capital, we work with government and community organisations and businesses across various sectors to track air pollution in certain areas to drive effective environmental change and air pollution solutions.

Hotels and resorts

Guests book a stay at a hotel or resort with the hope of fresh air and beautiful surroundings. We’ll work with you to implement our AirScape system so you can focus on monitoring air pollution in your area, and gain insightful information on how you can improve it and create a safe haven

Construction projects

Construction projects can last for months at a time, with a great potential of dust, debris, and other pollutants gathering during the process. To protect your workers’ health and wellbeing, you can monitor air quality and put in place effective procedures that reduce their exposure to air pollution. 


Local government

Looking to improve the effectiveness of your roads and traffic in your area and reduce the accumulation of air pollution in urban centres? Our experts work alongside local governments and municipal traffic managers, helping you to provide practical, scalable solutions towards better air quality.

Industrial business

Many industrial plants have focused on improving indoor air quality inside the workplace, but through lack of data struggle to put in place effective pollution controls outdoors. At Seeders Capital, we work to help you understand your effect on the community and make positive steps to drive change.

Three steps to cleaner air


Using innovative sensors, we’ll monitor air quality levels, detecting the exact type of air pollution in your area.


You’ll be provided with actionable insights on how you can improve the air quality in your community or area.


Through the collection of data, you have the insights you need to implement air pollution solutions that work.

Smart Cities

Improve outdoor air quality today

Seeders Capital, the official partner of AirScape, has years of expertise in green solutions at a business level. We put the power of data in your hands to drive real environmental change and give everyone their human right of being able to breathe clean air each day.