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Energy From Waste EfW

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Building Optimization

At Seeders, we look at energy holistically, aided by 4 interconnected solutions; Smart, Healthy, Sustainable Buildings, Zero Waste Zones, Clean Water Zones, and Clean Energy. We decided to complement available solutions rather than compete so together, and we can impact individual, corporate and country-wide levels.

Clean Green Energy

Why we do - Smart Clean Energy Zones

The shift to clean energy is growing each day, with world leaders penalising poor energy practices and global investors prioritising sustainable business models. Embracing green energy solutions will separate the businesses that survive from those that don’t.

We work with organisations and help them join the green revolution. diversifying your energy mix while also allowing you to utilise your assets more efficiently.

Our team of experts collaborate with you so you can become less dependent on the local grid and practices that harm the environment. When it comes to environmentally sustainable solutions, we believe the future of energy is community-owned.

Why you need - Smart Clean Energy Zones

A Clean Energy Zone is an area that utilises green energy from a range of different innovative technologies. Our team has the
expertise to help your organisation embrace sustainable solutions that also boost your bottom line.

By opting for our green energy solutions, you’re able to become more independent, save money on energy costs, and even sell
energy. It’s all part of our mission to create zones that are at least 50% dependent on green energy

Green Sustainable Energy

Energy From Waste

We transform waste onsite – treatment at source. We help entities and governments transform their waste value chain by providing a solution that saves them money and protects the environment.

Energy From Wind

We offer you an innovative and simple way to generate sustainable wind energy for your home or business. Our wind turbines generate peak power when the sun goes down, at the highest demand tier, reducing the size and cost of storage and solar arrays. The wind turbine is a great way to reduce your energy costs, and it is the most efficient energy generator on the market.


Designed to provide an affordable solution
combined with a rapid return on investment.
Generates peak power when sun goes down, at
the highest demand tier. Generating energy at a
price as low as $0.01/kWh to the end user.

Simple Installation

Less than one hour and just one tool needed.
Plug & play connection, in a flat pack. Minimum
maintenance Only two moving parts.

Reliable, and Noiseless with a wide operating window

Nemoi is the world’s most reliable and versatile wind turbine. It is designed to operate and is noiseless in every wind condition. The turbine’s operating window is wide enough to cover a range of wind conditions, from a light breeze to a hurricane.

The Nemoi M is a 2m to 3m high wind axis, modular, and can fit anywhere. It is a reliable, affordable clean energy generator for a wide variety of applications.

Building Optimisation

Green Energy

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