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Why it matters?

Air Pollution is the world’s
largest single environmental
health risk. More than 90% of
the world’s population lives in
places where air quality levels
exceed WHO limits

“Air pollution particles were discovered on the foetal
side of placentas.” The Guardian

0 M
Cases of child asthma every year
0 T$
Economic cost of air pollution
0 %
Increase in low birth weight
0 %
Increase in magnitude of errors
0 M
Deaths, 12.5% of global deaths
0 %
Of our time is spent indoors
0 %
Reduction in cognitive function
0 x
Greater indoor pollution
Breaths per day

Data is piling up on the harm of air pollution leading to lifelong damage to health


Increase in local rates of HOSPITALIZATION


Increase in risk of PRETERM BIRTH


Increase in risk of BRAIN CANCER


Increase in risk of ASTHMA IN TODDLERS


Increase in risk of LUNG CANCER

“It is an unacceptable situation that there are factors a woman cannot control that adversely affect her unborn baby,” Mireille Toledano, Imperial College London

Air quality Monitoring

• Street-level data from 1000’s of sophisticated sensors
• Constant real-time monitoring of air pollution with hyper-local accuracy and ‘by the minute’ updates
• 10,000x more data than the current approach – a world record!
• User-friendly maps and information available to everyone from businesses, governments, communities and individuals

Clean Air Outdoors

A new way of seeing the world - creating climate controlled zones

Biomimicry is at the core of our outdoor clean air zones. Inspired
by nature, Seeders combines various innovative technologies to detect, predict, and treat air for a safe living environment using a self-sustained model.

Smart City Outdoor Air Management

Why we do - Smart Clean Air Zones

Poor indoor air quality is the reason you may be spending your days feeling tired, unproductive, and generally unwell. Even with maintained HVAC systems, the air breathed in public spaces can lead to an unhealthy environment. Clean Air Zones contribute to better health as well as aiding business owners and managers to achieve higher occupancy and tenancy rates while saving on energy costs.

Everyone deserves to breathe fresh air. Our innovative sustainable solutions ensure you’re creating a better tenant experience while also boosting your bottom line. We have the expertise to support you through the entire process so you can grow your business, they also lower facility management costs and reduce your overall carbon emissions. All with better indoor air quality.

Why you need - Smart Clean Air Zones

Imagine an area where every breath you take is fresh and rejuvenating – that’s what it’s like when you’re in a Clean Air Zone.

We create these spaces using environmentally sustainable solutions to ensure everyone can enjoy the same quality indoors as they do in the fresh air. It can double productivity, inspire creativity and even reduce stress, creating a better environment for all.
Working in a Clean Air Zone leads to:

  • Better wellbeing
  • Higher productivity
  • More creativity
  • Better immunity
  • Lower infections and sick days
  • Green buildings and healthy indoors
  • Energy savings
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Lower building maintenance
  • ESG compliance
  • Higher profitability
  • Positive emotions
Real-time Air Quality Monitors

Where can we make an impact?

Medical Facilities

Educational Facilities

Commercial Offices

Hotels and Restaurants

Residential Properties

Municipalities and Governorates

Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

Gyms and Training Facilities

Mixed-use Developments

Public and Private transport

Airports and Museums

Parks and Farms

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