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Why Clean Air Zones matter?
How do we do it?
What technologies do we use?
What is it like to be in a Clean Air Zone?

Because every breath matters.

There’s a reason why you feel fatigued, sleepy, stressed, depressed, unproductive, uncreative and more susceptible to infections indoors. There’s a reason why you feel sleepy in meetings and decision making is not optimal.

We tested the air you breathe in banks, commercial offices, hotels, hospitals, educational and recreational facilities and found one thing in common - a very risky indoor environment even with maintained HVAC systems. Our tests showed that most parameters including pollutants, harmful chemicals, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity were far from the the safe range.

Poor air quality is linked to brain cancer, low birth weight, depression, drowsiness, lower income, fatigue, lower cognitive performance, more mistakes, asthma, high blood pressure and more. With 90% of your time spent indoors and 20,000* breaths taken each day, the need to transform the air we breathe is essential for a better life experience.

The natural breeze you feel, that rejuvenating breath you take on the beach, the feeling of freshness at the park are examples of what clean fresh air does to your body and soul. Clean Air Zones brings that experience to your indoor environment because it is your right to breathe clean air.

Clean Air Zones help building owners and managers achieve higher occupancy and tenancy rates, increase energy savings, lower their facility management costs, and reduce carbon emissions. we help you make more money and create a better tenant experience. We support you throughout the transformation.

Our experts follow a systematic approach to transform your environment. We
  • assess your indoor air quality IAQ standards.
  • share with your team the findings and how your environment compares to optimality.
  • create a transformation model recommending the equipment you need supported by interior designers
  • deliver, install and maintain new solution
  • empower your team to monitor, manage and control the installed system using smart IoT
  • continuously support you to maintain and optimise your Clean Air Zone with regular reporting.
We use technologies from around the world to help you breathe and live better.

We work with the best in the field.

Real-time Air Monitoring

The most comprehensive real-time IAQ monitoring. uHoo sensors monitor a wide range of parameters in real time and compares your IAQ to international standards. Learn more

Indoor advanced filtration

SmartAir has the highest CADR (clean air delivery rate) and highest efficiency on the market in delivering and maintaining a Clean Air Zone. Learn more

Air monitoring | Indoor filtration

Airlabs airnodes empower municipalities and entities monitor outdoor air quality and take better decisions. Learn more

AI Green walls | Nature indoors

Naava brings nature indoors by installing the smartest and most advanced green wall. The soilless Naava AI-driven green walls transforms the indoor experience. Learn more

Indoor Carbon Capture

Soletair Power transforms building to carbon sinks. It reduces carbon dioxide indoors and increases oxygen levels for higher productivity, creativity, and energy levels. Learn more

Every breath you take inside a Clean Air Zone is optimised to put you on the mend, tap into your optimal cognitive capacity, double your productivity and creativity. Clean Air Zones are made to reduce your stress levels, increase your wellbeing, protect you from Sick Building Syndrome and a number of complications. Refreshen your body and soul with Clean Air Zone’s transformed indoor experience. Clean Air Zone is your journey to:

  • Better Wellbeing
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Creativity
  • Better Immunity
  • Better decision making
  • Higher energy levels
  • Lower infections and sick days
  • Green buildings and healthy indoors
  • Energy savings
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Lower building maintenance
  • ESG compliance