Building a sustainable legacy - Greenifying the bottom lineBuilding a sustainable legacy - Greenifying the bottom line
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Building a sustainable legacy - Greenifying the bottom line

The benefits of creating a greener, more sustainable environment in which to live are clear. A society that consumes precious and limited resources – but gives back little except pollution and waste – is short-sighted and irresponsible. There is a need to aspire to "do things better".

In reality, the barriers to progress are too high – especially when action on a global scale is derailed by politics, regulation and the pure inertia that resists big change.

At Seeders Capital, we believe that progress at the local level is a crucial part of evolution on the bigger stage.

The need to shift to smart sustainable models is becoming inevitable in light of climate change events. Air pollution a by-product of climate change, is the single greatest risk to environmental health, according to the World Health Organization. Most of us spend 90% of our lives indoors, and we take on average 20,000 breaths each day. Each breath represents the possibility of detriment to our bodies. Among the challenges posed by air pollution are common colds, viruses, and cancers, heart failure, dementia, strokes, cognitive impairment, depression, and asthma.

Waste has become a global challenge and recycling is still picking up. Water scarcity and security is now becoming the talk of town with only 0.5% of water on earth is usable and drinkable. Climate change events add more pressure on economies to maintain power and energy production. This is why Seeders Capital created Zero Zones.

We help zones become self-sufficient to mitigate weather-related events.  By maximising recycling, we reduce harmful emissions from vehicles, use green energy, and minimize landfilling. We are implementing Clean Air Zones, Clean Energy Zones, Zero Waste Zones and Clean Water Zones at Seeders Capital to ensure better quality of life and a healthier way of living

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Seeders Capital champions the creation of healthier, more sustainable methods of living for the plant. 

Our services are towards planning and consultancy through carefully selected trusted systems and technology providers that enable us to develop and deliver Zero Zone solutions to all projects, whether large or small. 

Today, we work across the UK, Spain, and Egypt, equipping our partners with sustainable environmental solutions.

We build a sustainable future for you and the world. 

Seeders Capital creates sustainable, smart, self-sufficient zones that are immune to external risks of climate change and  a catalyst to saving not only the planet but your finances as well. We create environmental solutions that are geared towards social evolution and a circular economy through goal-oriented projects that have a climate-neutral direction. 

Our mission is to help eradicate pollution, environmental damage, and eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels through our Zero Pollution Zones, which are sustainable and self-sufficient spaces that individuals, groups, institutions, and governments can benefit from and enjoy. 

Seeders Capital is proud to be one of the first organisations that help advance a more sustainable society and circular economies by implementing our programs – mainly through a variety of zoning and self-sufficiency initiatives. At Seeders Capital, we believe that in order to have a healthy, productive life, everyone should have certain rights met. These include the right to clean water, nutritious food, and breathable air. This is why our objectives include streamlining access to clean, drinkable water, increasing the availability of healthy, high-quality foods, and craft strategies to reduce air pollution.

As the building blocks that make up a sustainable network, Zero Zones are at the core of our efforts.

For instance, a zone can be an apartment building or a residential housing development. Institutions like universities, hospitals, or airports can also be zones. You could even describe it as a bus or a taxi at a micro-level. We will pass through them all as a collective, or we will live, work, and play in them.

With proper planning, methods, and technology, the environment can be controlled within that zone. Air, water, and food can be cleaner and less polluted. Waste management can be circular and more sustainable as well. 

Integrated into existing environments, these zero zones offer opportunities and benefits beyond their integration into existing environments. The benefits and opportunities of incorporating the concepts, processes and technologies were compelling.

A Zero Zone also helps to create a network of healthier, stronger microenvironments, just as a team is stronger than the sum of its parts.

As part of our air quality management program, we are already creating Zero Pollution Zones with partners across the UK, Spain, and Egypt. A similar process and partnership will be implemented for Zero Waste Zones.

Through our concepts of ‘zero zoning’ and self-sufficiency at a project-by-project level, we believe we can take tangible steps to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life right here, right now.

By taking these steps, we build a legacy of which we can be proud.

Our mission is broad, but today we start with Air Quality.

We are also actively investing in solutions that enable Zero Waste Zones, creating true circularity at a local level, and creating self-sustaining micro-environments.

We urge CEOs, property developers, project managers and all other decision-makers involved in building the places in which we live and work to engage with us to understand how they can build their own legacy.

Clean Air Zone
Clean Air Zone
Transforming indoors and outdoors to clean air zones for higher wellbeing, productivity, ROI and quality of life
Zero Waste Zone
Zero Waste Zone
We view waste as an under-utilised asset. Our tailored solutions transform waste on-site to valuable material
Clean Energy Zone
Clean Energy Zone
The future of energy is community-owned. We help our partners move towards self-dependency
Green Buildings
Green Buildings
We combine our range of solutions to help businesses create a healthier environment and move to green buildings
Carbon Capture
Carbon Capture
Air to Energy is one of our specialities. We capture carbon indoors and create carbon sink buildings for higher productivity
We take Zero Waste two steps further by recycling material onsite to produce a wide array of high quality
ESG Consultancy
ESG Consultancy
We provide global expertise in sustainability monitoring, reporting and investing for a greener bottom-line.
Green Financing
Green Financing
We work with local and international financial institutions to help entities make the switch to profitable sustainable strategies

Creating Zero Zones

Zero Zones are the building blocks or the ‘nodes’ of a connected, sustainable network – and are at the centre of our work.

Zero Zones are a central part of our strategy to deliver tangible, real-world benefits to wellbeing and quality of life.

Much as we would love to make the planet pollution and waste-free overnight, we cannot. But it is practical and meaningful to look at smaller, more contained areas, or ‘zones’.

Within these zones, we can – right now – test, treat, monitor and control air quality, pollutants and other contaminants. We can also manage the waste cycle within those zones towards a position of zero waste.



But importantly, we should not be constrained by any specific idea about what comprises a zone. It can be large or small, indoors or outdoors.

Individually, a zone might be a residential housing development project or apartment block. It could be an individual institution like a university, hospital or airport. At a micro-level, it might even be a bus or a taxi. They will all be places that we pass through as a collective, or in which we work, live and play.

The key is that with proper planning, processes and technology, we can control the environment within that zone. Cleaner, less polluted air, water and food. Circular and more sustainable waste management.

Whilst these zero zones can be integrated into existing environments, the opportunities and benefits of incorporating the concepts, principles and technologies into new residential and commercial construction projects are compelling.

And, like the team that is stronger than the sum of its parts, every zero zone contributes to the creation of a network of healthier, stronger micro-environments.

We already create Zero Pollution Zones, working with partners across the UK, Spain and Egypt to monitor and manage air quality. We are developing similar processes and partnerships to introduce Zero Waste Zones.


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Marc Otollini -  CEO Airlabs

AirLabs and Seeders share a goal to create cleaner, safer spaces through the delivery of world class air filtration systems and technology. The partnership has gone from strength to strength, as the need for clean air solutions and dynamic business practices has meant that both AirLabs and Seeders have been able to push into new markets with new products very quickly. AirLabs is very proud to work with Seeders

Marc Otollini CEO Airlabs
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