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Because every breath matters

Clean AirClean Air

Clean Air

One of the world's biggest problems is the lack of clean, breathable air. In fact, 90% of the world breathes air WHO deems as unsafe. 

This is why we created a new way of seeing the world – through climate-controlled zones. We crafted an innovative system that is both technically advanced and inspired by nature.

  • Adopts and implements WHO standards for indoor and outdoor air quality to support wellbeing, productivity and sustainability.
  • Engages in advanced scientific research as well as multi-stakeholder networks, innovation and international collaborations to develop sound policy.
  • Artificial intelligence-driven technology which optimises performance keeps air quality high and reduces energy and water consumption.

In our outdoor soft air zones, biomimicry is at the core. With Seeders, various innovative technologies combine to provide a safe living environment for both humans and animals by detecting, predicting, and treating air based on a self-sustaining model.

Why Clean Air Zones matter?
How do we do it?
What is it like to be in a Clean Air Zone?

Because every breath matters.

There’s a reason why you feel fatigued, sleepy, stressed, depressed, unproductive, uncreative and more susceptible to infections indoors. 

We tested the air you breathe in banks, commercial offices, hotels, hospitals, educational and recreational facilities and found one thing in common – a very risky indoor environment even with maintained HVAC systems. 

Poor air quality is linked to brain cancer, low birth weight, depression, drowsiness, lower income, fatigue, lower cognitive performance, more mistakes, asthma, high blood pressure and more. 

The natural breeze you feel, that rejuvenating breath you take on the beach, the feeling of freshness at the park are examples of what clean fresh air does to your body and soul. Clean Air Zones brings that experience to your indoor environment because it is your right to breathe clean air.

Clean Air Zones help building owners and managers achieve higher occupancy and tenancy rates, increase energy savings, lower their facility management costs, and reduce carbon emissions. we help you make more money and create a better tenant experience. We support you throughout the transformation.

Our experts follow a systematic approach to transform your environment. We
  • assess your indoor air quality IAQ standards.
  • share with your team the findings and how your environment compares to optimality.
  • create a transformation model recommending the equipment you need supported by interior designers
  • deliver, install and maintain new solution
  • empower your team to monitor, manage and control the installed system using smart IoT
  • continuously support you to maintain and optimise your Clean Air Zone with regular reporting.
We use technologies from around the world to help you breathe and live better.
Every breath you take inside a Clean Air Zone is optimised to put you on the mend, tap into your optimal cognitive capacity, double your productivity and creativity. Clean Air Zones are made to reduce your stress levels, increase your wellbeing, protect you from Sick Building Syndrome and a number of complications. Refreshen your body and soul with Clean Air Zone’s transformed indoor experience. Clean Air Zone is your journey to:
  • Better Wellbeing
  • Higher Productivity
  • Higher Creativity
  • Better Immunity
  • Better decision making
  • Higher energy levels
  • Lower infections and sick days
  • Green buildings and healthy indoors
  • Energy savings
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Lower building maintenance
  • ESG compliance

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Life outside clean air zone sucks



cases of child asthma every year


deaths, 12.5% of global deaths


greater indoor pollution


of our time is spent indoors


increase in low birth weight


breaths per day


reduction in cognitive function


increase in magnitude of errors

Commonly Asked Questions

Clean air is safe from harmful pollutants, chemicals, airborne viruses and bacteria. Seeders Capital Clean Air Zones take it a step further. Our optimised Clean Air Zones tap into the unlocked potential of our brains by creating an environment that is conducive to productivity, wellbeing and faster health recovery.

All ages and genders are in need of clean air. On average we take 20,000 breaths every day and spend 90% of our time indoors. Clean air is linked to lower income, lower math and science grades, significantly higher chances of asthma in kids, high preterm birth, low birth weight, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancers, lower productivity, lower cognitive function and more. Us humans are dependent on 3 main pillars; Air, Water and Food. Making sure that every breath you take is safe and clean is as important as the other ones. It is your right to breathe clean air.

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Every breath counts

According to the World Health Organization, ambient air pollution accounts for an estimated 4.2 million deaths per year due to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. 91% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits.

So controlling air quality – especially in the specific locations we spend the lion’s share of our time – is a challenge worthy of our attention.

Zero Pollution Zones are concerned with the holistic management of air quality within a specific defined environment.

And by ‘management’ we mean far more than simply providing technology to filter contaminants from the air.

By bringing together the right combination of best-in-breed products, our solutions empower users to understand, monitor and control the air that they breathe.

Our solutions are designed to provide ongoing, actionable intelligence, from initial air quality audits to the implementation of networks of sensors capable of detecting a wide variety of airborne pollutants and pathogens.

With products and configurations explicitly designed for both domestic and commercial settings, having up-to-the-minute data relating to the air quality (and other critical ambient conditions) across the entire zone is now possible.

And when you can measure it, you can manage it. 


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